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	Joe tells of his luxurious life in Monte Carlo, ending up
telling of a guy whose image was burned into stone by the blast at
Hiroshima, then a list of accomplishments: 'I have drunk gallons of
Chablis...'.  He repeats this list 3 more times in the show.
	3:40: Joe tells of a guy who lives in a cave in Ios, a Greek
	5:20: The guy travels in Afghanistan with his girlfriend
Margo.  They get dysentery, have to line up to use the outhouse, get
terrible care at a hospital.
	6:50: The couple is in Iran a month later.  They see a garbage
truck dump its contents on a village, the villagers pick out the good
	8:00: They're broke on Mauai, stay at a health club owned by a
disbarred psychiatrist (he too too many 'LSD tablets'), run by Tommy
K.  Tommy holds a 'trial' for the psychiatrist for giving dope to
teenagers, has him beaten up.
	12:  'I have drunk gallons of Chablis...' again
	14:40: 'Gide called the soul that particle of soil...' -
nonsense monologue.
	18:10: A dysfunctional family: drug addict father,
schizophrenic son, daughter who ran off to live with an alcoholic
painter, drop-out son who developed arthritis at 18, Vietnamese
adoptee who didn't adjust.  The mother tired of it, drove off, picked
up a hippie couple, let them drive while she napped in back; hours
later she figured out they had stopped for a broken red light all day,
so she drove back home.
	22:50: Journalist for a city magazine interviews the new
police chief while terribly stoned.  The chief's PC turns into a lamb,
so the reporter leaves.
	27: The journalist walks in Berkeley Hills park with others,
walks behind an archery range.
	30:  'I have drunk gallons of Chablis...' again
	32: A guy plays fetch with a date's dog until the ball goes
out the window, the dog after it, 10 stories up.  (This is an old
joke; R. Crumb drew a comic version of it.)
	36:10: One Sunday morning in Santa Monica a TV producer gets
jay-walking ticket, which he tears up and ignores.  2 years later, on
his way to a shoot, a cop stops him for a busted tail-light, arrests
him for the old warrant.  His girlfriend is named Margo.
	41:20: They (producer & Margo?) drive to a party in Hollywood
Hills.  The 'Nouveau Melrose Mickey Rourke' motorcycle gang confronts
them ineffectively.
	44:40: The guy walks in a small park in North Hollywood,
watches some derelicts, dead bird in a fountain, takes a taxi with a
retired fighter cabbie.
	47:10: 'I have drunk gallons of Chablis...' again

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