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Tue Jan 19 02:50:33 PST 2021

	In 'Stories for nothing' the guy traveling in Iran,
Afghanistan, and Mauai has a girlfriend named Margo.  The producer in
the last 3 stories has a girlfriend named Margo.  Do they exist?  Are
they the same person (whether or not they exist)?  Are the guys in
both sets of stories the same?
	The failed writer in the first story of 'Mercy' has a
girlfriend named Margo.  (He, his wife, his son, go unnamed.)  About
46:30 into 'In the dark' part 2 the distorted voice remembers 'the
night Margo and I stood on a veranda in Fez gazing out over the domes
of the city hearing the muezzin cry from the minarets'
	Does Joe carry a torch for Margo(s)?  Or does he just like the

russell bell

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