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Thu Jan 14 07:45:04 PST 2021

	A teleconference discusses weapons.  The first is 'hair gas',
which makes hair grow on exposed skin.

	1:30: Steiner complains that he never gets any of these great
inventions, has to make do practicing sadism on neighbors and family.

	3:30: Joe tells of arriving in Katmandu, ends up at a cheap
hotel where he sees a bizarre fight between an Englishman and Malay.

	9:30: The panel is back: nuclear weapons in mannequins;
electrifying a whole county; a sterility bomb.

	12:10: Sounds of a fight and a solo violin.

	13:10: Panel discusses boomerang missile, planning to give it
to the Russians.  Steiner complains again.

	14:30: Joe tells of hitchhiking to the East coast, getting
picked up by a hippie in a Land Rover who gets into an argument with a
truck-driver who later tries to run them off the road.

	20:30: Panel talks about new uniforms: designer uniforms,

	21:40: Steiner tells of planting a speaker under his son's
bed, whispers that his mother is dead, his father hates him, drives
him to sobbing immobility.  He thinks we can apply this on a national
scale.  He complains that the others don't respect him.  A woman
breaks into the conversation, apparently accidentally connected,
trying to call 202 989 4304.  She's been listening, calls them

	cast: Lester Nafzger, Paul Mantell, Arthur Miller, Mark
Hammer, Irene Wagner & Joe Frank

russell bell

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