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Mon Jan 4 07:12:53 PST 2021

	A failed screenwriter sees his lover Margo then goes to
cottage at Big Sur with his wife for New Year's of 1999/2000, is in a
bad mood the whole time, watches a sword & sandal movie instead of the
celebrations his wife wants to watch, stuffs himself at dinner.
	35: Joe sees a beautiful young woman on the beach, then
discovers she's a man. (originally in 'Joe Frank's America')
	42: Joe recommends not-complaining (originally in 'Smile')
	48:20: A young woman recalls the boy she fell in love with in
school at age 12.  (originally in 'The more I know you')
	54:30: Joe says that if we think hard enough we may create
meaning, understand underlying hidden meaning, encoded messages.

	'Illicity' Part 1, by 'Extended spirit' for the first segment.

russell bell

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