[joe-frank-list] 'A natural disaster'

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Thu Jan 7 08:55:03 PST 2021

	A man (Arthur Miller?) makes a phone call to the void, asking
for help.  An earthquake has caused his home to collapse, he's buried
under it.  He speaks calmly.  His address changes the 3 times he tells
	2:20: Joe describes what happens in earthquakes, blames the
earth, takes vengeance on a pile of dirt by stabbing it.
	4:20: A street preacher (Ryan Cutrona?) tells people the awful
things that will happen to them in the apocalypse, thinks the
earthquake is funny, a harbinger of the punishment God will inflict on
	6:50: Crazy preacher (Ryan Cutrona) calls person (sounds like
a woman to me; Cutrona addresses him/her as 'brother'), leads him/her
in a crazy prayer.  (re-used in 'Prayer')
	11:50: Joe talks about fire, lights a match, describes the
damage it can do.  He puts out the match, demonstrating his
superiority to it.
	14:20: Joe talks about hurricanes and tornadoes, the damage
air can do.  He punishes it by capturing it in balloons, sucking it up
with his vacuum cleaner.
	17:30: Joe takes retribution on water for the floods it has
caused by boiling some and smashing ice with a hammer.
	18:10: A man (Larry Block?) describes making love in a
building destroyed by the earthquake, how great it was.  They go to
other destroyed places to make love in.
	20:30: Joe lists notable earthquakes of history and their
	Music:  'Atom Dream' by William Orbit

	I notice Joe talks about disasters caused by the 4 classical
elements: earth, water, air, and fire

russell bell

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