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	'Among the women he [Harold Clurman] has escorted in New York
are his stepdaughter, Ellen Adler, Jacqueline Onassis and Kim Stanley.
His favorite companion is Joan Ungaro, a pretty, young editor at
Psychology Today.  They met seven years ago when she was a graduate
student in one of his theater classes at Hunter College.  (The title
of his course keeps changing but the subject - Clurman and theater -
remains the same.)  Miss Ungaro is friendly with Miss Compton,
somewhat in awe of Miss Adler, and very admiring of Mr. Clurman.
"He's one of the few mature people I've ever met," she said.  "He's
grown-up and judicious.  With women, he is flirtatious, almost a
dandy.  He wants attention, but when he's working, he puts himself in
the background.  He has limitless curiosity in the arts, but no
curiosity about how an airplane works.  The only people he is truly
interested in are artists - not businessmen or politicians.  He holds
almost no grudges.  It's as if he doesn't have time for that.  I think
what I admire most is that he has a sense of measure.  He's not
careless.  He has a moral sensibility."'

	Ms Ungaro sounds like the woman in 'The truth about women'
part 2.


	Thanks to u/msbzmsbz on Reddit.

russell bell

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