[joe-frank-list] The cast of 'In the middle of nowhere'

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Wed Oct 14 05:04:51 PDT 2020

	Tim Jerome plays Ryder, the French ambulance driver.
	Ryan Cutrona plays Ray, the owner of the Roadhouse.
	Laura Esterman plays Charlayne, the woman.
	Nick Ulett plays the prospector Ryder sideswipes at the
beginning, then gets thrown off a cliff by Ryder.
	I think Arthur Miller plays Bud, the Bible & religious goods
salesman on his way to a big tent meeting in Paradise, who is stuck in
the unnamed town, hanging out at the roadhouse, waiting for it to be
repaired at Mac's, because Ryder sideswiped his car.
	At the end of Part 1 Ryder has a conversation with a 'gay
angel' (so Joe's synopsis says).  Ray talks to the angel in Parts 2
and 3.  The voice sounds the same as Bud's to me.

	Larry Block is listed in the cast but I don't recognize his
voice in any character.  It would make sense to cast him as the angel,
but it doesn't sound like him.

russell bell

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