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In any event, thank you for sharing your findings, Russell.

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> Date: Tue, 13 Oct 2020 06:42:20 -0600
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> Subject: [joe-frank-list] researching Joe Frank
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>         Quoth Tayt J Harlin <tjh219 at nyu.edu>:
>         'That's incredible, Russell. Thanks for sharing it.'
>         You're welcome.
>         'Are you writing a biography of Joe?'
>         No.  In 2007 I was researching the Congressional Record for
> some other reason and saw the name Meier Langermann.  I remembered
> that name from the LA Weekly article, 'Joe Frank is off the air'
> (1997).  I looked up all the entries in the Record and saw that
> multiple bills had been submitted 'for the relief of Meier Langermann,
> his wife Friederike, and his son Joseph' ('for the relief of' =
> permission to stay in the US).  Eventually 1 passed, and FDR vetoed
> it: there's a letter in the Congressional Record refusing Joe
> permission to stay in the US signed by FDR.  I remembered the story
> his mother tells about her unhappy marriage, first in 'God only
> knows', reused in 'Higher learning' and was touched by the pathos:
> because of an unhappy marriage, she and her family were spared the
> Holocaust.  There's a powerful novel to be written.  What happened to
> Meier Langermann's first wife?  their children, if they had any?
>         A few years earlier my mother had asked me to research the
> genealogy of her family.  The city library had subscriptions to
> ancestry.com at 2 computers in the special collections branch.  I
> enjoyed looking up her family and my father's, then looked up some
> other people who interested me.  I did the same to Joe's family after
> the above.
> russell bell
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