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I responded the other day but I'm not sure it came through as I used
another email address..

I am pretty sure that Larry Block is Bud the Bible Salesman!

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>         Tim Jerome plays Ryder, the French ambulance driver.
>         Ryan Cutrona plays Ray, the owner of the Roadhouse.
>         Laura Esterman plays Charlayne, the woman.
>         Nick Ulett plays the prospector Ryder sideswipes at the
> beginning, then gets thrown off a cliff by Ryder.
>         I think Arthur Miller plays Bud, the Bible & religious goods
> salesman on his way to a big tent meeting in Paradise, who is stuck in
> the unnamed town, hanging out at the roadhouse, waiting for it to be
> repaired at Mac's, because Ryder sideswiped his car.
>         At the end of Part 1 Ryder has a conversation with a 'gay
> angel' (so Joe's synopsis says).  Ray talks to the angel in Parts 2
> and 3.  The voice sounds the same as Bud's to me.
>         Larry Block is listed in the cast but I don't recognize his
> voice in any character.  It would make sense to cast him as the angel,
> but it doesn't sound like him.
> russell bell
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