[joe-frank-list] Aelius Gallus in 'Thank you, you're beautiful'

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Sun Nov 8 05:52:02 PST 2020

	In 'At the border' Joe tells a story about the Roman army of
Aelius Gallus losing its way in north Africa, misguided by a Nabatean
guide, eventually made war on an inland sea.  According to Wikipedia
Aelius Gallus was Roman prefect of Egypt 26-24 BCE, undertook a
not-successful expedition to Arabia (not north Africa), was misguided
by a Nabatean guide; there's no mention of a war on an inland sea.
Strabo knew Gallus, wrote an account of this expedition in his
	Joe re-used the story (and a lot of 'At the border') in 'Thank
you, you're beautiful'.

russell bell

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