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Tue Nov 10 06:03:32 PST 2020

	Joe's site puts Mr Ullett in the cast of 'In the middle of
nowhere', 'Rent-a-family', 'The policemen's ball', 'Photography', and
'Great lives'.  (Some other sources put him in 'Case studies'.)  He
recently wrote, 'I used to love doing those shows. Joe would give us
situations and it was up to us to improvise anything we liked around
them. I must have done a half dozen of them. I think my favorite was
"Rent a Family" but that's mainly because it's the only one I actually
	WFMU and some others misspell his name as 'Aulette'.

russell bell

Bonus non-Joe story: He came to America (from England) as a comedy duo
with Tony Hendra (later of the 'National Lampoon').  In the '60s they
took any work they could get.  Mr Hendra told the story that they were
booked at a Borscht Belt Catskills resort.  When they arrived, they
found the booker had mis-heard their name as 'Tony Hendra and
Nicolette', assumed they were a dance act.  Because they were booked
between other comedians, and the formula, such as it was, was to
alternate comedy with music, they knew they couldn't do their act, so
they improvised a dance routine.  The audience whispered, 'Fagelah'


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