[joe-frank-list] a question about the cast of 'Rent-a-family'

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Thu Dec 31 10:05:04 PST 2020

Arthur doesn't exactly sound like Larry to me, but maybe because the
characters are so different.

On Thu, Dec 31, 2020 at 7:37 AM <russellbell at gmail.com> wrote:

>         I think that Arthur sounds like Larry Block.  Because I think
> I can identify the other male actors that leaves the role of the
> representative of Rent-a-family to Mark Hammer.  Hammer is also in the
> cast of 'Lies', 'Warheads', 'Questions', 'A tour of the city', and
> 'Nightride'.  I'm not sure I can identify his character in any of
> those and I find his voice similar to Larry's.
>         In part 2 of 'Rent-a-family' the character that I identify as
> Hammer tells a story about taking a bunch of drugs and riding his
> motorcycle to Mexico and another about a perfect but brief love
> affair.  Both are similar to stories Larry told in 'Karma'.
>         I think Carolyn Swift played Kathy; Swift was married to
> Hammer, so it'd be convenient for her to play Kathy if Hammer played
> Arthur - they're on the same phone line for all her appearances.
>         What do you-all think?
> russell bell
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