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	Eleanor tells psychiatrist about dream in which she has a baby
which has a problem she can't do anything about.  She recalls her
younger sister, Pearl, how she rocked her cradle when she cried; their
mother called her a 'good little mommy.'  Pearl died, after which her
father was cold to her; Eleanor felt guilty.  She complains to the
psychiatrist, who coughs a lot, about the sound of the children
playing next to his office.  She complains about his coughing and
cigars, that her therapy makes her feel worse.
	10: Panelist #2 (Arthur Miller) tells of annual
psychoanthropology convention; at the dinner a woman seated across
from him played footsie with him.  He fell asleep; when he woke up,
she was gone.
	13:40: Eleanor calls Arthur, when she brings up Wendy and
Diane, Arthur says they don't exist, hangs up.
	16: Eleanor calls for Arthur, Kathy answers; she tells him
this has to stop; she insists on speaking to Arthur.  She wants to
live with him and Kathy.
	19:50: Eleanor calls Arthur, says she's very sick, throwing up
blood.  Kathy thinks she's making it up, wants Arthur to hang up;
Arthur takes it seriously.  Arthur and Kathy fight.
	23:30: Joe visits his Rent-a-family again, Sharon and her
daughters, Christa and Sarah.  This sounds like a repeat from part 2,
though more audible.
	25: While their conversation continues, Joe recites a list of
things, 'throw pillows, dental floss...' perhaps the same list as
	26:30: Eleanor tells psychiatrist that she used to stand in
front of a mirror and repeat 'father' until the word meant nothing
when she was a girl.  She tells psychiatrist how easy his job is, how
little work he does, wonders why she's paying him.  She likes rain.
	28:30: Panelist #3 (Nick Ullett) tells of affair with
businesswoman.  Later, when he was 'out on the coast' (Pacific coast,
I assume), her daughter, June, called him up because she was in town.
They end up having sex.  His son shows up for a bit, which increased
her attractiveness to him.  They have sex (notice a pattern in his
stories?).  Later, his son has sex with June.  He finds it
	33: Eleanor calls Arthur.  They get along for the first time,
possibly because Kathy divorced him.  They make small talk.  Arthur
humors her reminiscences of Wendy and Diane.
	39:30: The sound of children playing, the same sound Eleanor
heard at the psychiatrist's office.  Arthur can't hear it, but it
drowns out Arthur for Eleanor, so she hangs up.
	41: Arthur tells Panelist #2 that he never really loved Kathy;
apparently she's in a coma.  (How did Arthur get in the panel?)
	42:50: Panelist #2 says there's a strong odor of tahini about
her, attracts him.  Panelist #3 says he can't get near a woman who
smells of patchouli.  Proprietor says he can't be near a woman who
smells of chocolate.  Panelist #2 says patchouli causes impotence.
Proprietor tells panel how much he has enjoyed the evening.  Panelist
#1 (Tim Jerome) thinks Rent-a-family is a fad.  Proprietor disagrees.
They discuss how paying for something makes it more valuable.
Proprietor pays for the drinks.
	47:40: Arthur delivers a rant about his rage, how he wants to
destroy others, everybody at the university struck blind.

	The music was used differently.
	Tim Story's 'A fine line' introduces and accompanies Eleanor
only at the beginning and the segment that begins at minute 33
	Harold Budd's 'Gypsy violin' is used over most of the rest of
the show.

russell bell

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