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	Eleanor (Barbara Sohmers) describes pictures of Wendy and
Diane playing, etc.
	7:20: The proprietor (Mark Hammer) talks about Rent-a-family,
says they're enrolling families headed by single men.
	10:10: Joe introduces himself to a family he rented, Sharon
and her daughters Christa and Sarah.
	13:20: Eleanor calls Arthur (Larry Block); she still loves
	16:10: Eleanor calls Arthur: she's in trouble: her car broke
	19:20: Panelist #3 (Nick Ullett) tells story of meeting a
Spanish-speaking woman outside a cathedral.  She speaks no English, he
only basic Spanish, but they have a conversation.  He gets in her car,
she drives out to a finca (ranch).  They have sex.  She shoots a dog
howling outside the window.
	24:10: Panelist #2 (Arthur Miller) tells of a dream in which
he meets his boss (a woman), who ties him down to a bed, says she's
going to tell him a secret, then he wakes up.  It puzzles him.  He has
a strong yearning for grapefruit.
	27: Joe and Sharon discuss her Rent-a-family experience.  She
says, 'I'm an artist.'  Possibly there are other people speaking under
the music later in this segment.
	30:40: Eleanor calls Arthur.  She says somebody's in the
house, she's scared.  Kathy (Carolyn Swift?) gets on the line, tells
her this has to stop.
	33:20: Eleanor calls Arthur, says she's going to shoot herself
if he won't talk to her.  Arthur is dubious.
	36:10: Proprietor tells story of living out west, taking a
bunch of drugs, riding his motorcycle to Mexico.  He stops to eat, a
woman asks him when he's going to take her for a ride.  He says what
about now.  He takes her home, have sex.  She won't leave for 3 days.
He acts crazily to scare her off.
	39:50: Panelist #2 tells story of seeing a woman at the
anthropology library of the institute (unnamed) then in his class,
finds her fascinating, never talks to her.  He meets her again years
later, disappointed that she's now ordinary.
	44:20: Panelist #3 tells story of a woman raising money for a
school for the deaf come to his door.  He invites her in, they have
tea and cookies and sex after she puts his scarf around his eyes so
he's blind.  As she leaves he finds out she wasn't deaf after all.
	49:50: Eleanor calls Arthur.  She's worried about Wendy and
Diane.  He insists they don't exist.
	52:40: Panelist #2 says the energy generated during
intercourse is being used for electrical power.  Panel discusses this.
	54: Proprietor tells story of perfect relationship.  He was a
bartender, met Barbara, his ideal of Norse beauty.  After about 4
weeks it ended; he didn't know why.  This is basically the same story
Larry Block tells as his own in 'Karma' Part 1, at about 25:40.

	Music: Each of the 3 elements has the same music as they did
in the first part:
	Tim Story's 'A fine line' introduces and accompanies Eleanor.
	Giles Reaves's 'Eihwaz' (Defense) (album: Wunjo) accompanies
the panel.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BjdebKZyGMg
	Harold Budd's 'Gypsy violin' plays over Joe & Sharon and the
other Rent-a-families.

russell bell

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