[joe-frank-list] 'Rent-a-family', part 1

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Mon Dec 28 05:22:25 PST 2020

	Eleanor, an unemployed divorceé with 2 young daughters,
(Barbara Sohmers?) having trouble finding work, reluctantly joins
Rent-a-family, an organization that rents out families to men who want
one temporarily.

	9:30: The proprietor (Mark Hammer?) describes how
Rent-a-family works.
	10:50: Panelist with a German accent (Tim Jerome?) asks a
question about how it works.
	11:50: Panelist #2 (Arthur Miller?) asks a question.
	12:10: Panelist #3 (English accent, Nick Ullett?) asks a
	13:10: The panel and proprietor talk about Rent-a-family and
society, planned obsolence, the convenience of renting instead of
	18: Carmen introduces herself; more voices of women and
children, mostly drowned under music and sound effects.  Joe names
things (...cheeseburgers, zoning regulations...)
	19:40: Eleanor tells about daughters Wendy and Diane; takes
them to get filmed for Rent-a-family.  She decides the first applicant
is suitable, prepares for an outing at the beach.
	31:50: Arthur Miller says that society sells the happiness of
families but families are diminishing.  The panel discusses
Rent-a-family further.
	41: More voices of women and children, mostly drowned under
music and sound effects.
	42:30: The first outing, to the beach, goes well until the
fellow (un-named and voiceless) takes the girls to get ice cream; no
one returns.
	51:40: The panel talks about Rent-a-family further.

	The cast as listed is: Barbara Sohmers, Mark Hammer, Arthur
Miller, Tim Jerome, Nick Ullett, Carolyn Swift, Larry Block, Lynn,
Sarah, Carmen, Thomas, Tim, Sharon, and Christa.
	I think I recognize Arthur Miller's voice as the second member
of the panel; I think panelist #3's English accent is real, which
makes him Nick Ullett (in part 2 he says 'biscuit' when he means
'cookie'); Tim Jerome puts on foreign accents, so I think he's
panelist #1.
	The cast has 2 women; I don't know them by voice, but Barbara
Sohmers is listed first, so I guess she's Eleanor.
	I don't know Mark Hammer's voice; because he's the second name
on the list and the proprietor is the second voice in the show I
assign him that role.
	If the listing is in order of appearance my guesses match
except for the transposition of Arthur Miller and Tim Jerome.

	Music: Tim Story's 'A fine line' introduces and accompanies
	Giles Reaves's 'Eihwaz' (Defense) (album: Wunjo) accompanies
the panel.  (This is a new identification - thanks to audiotag.info)
	Harold Budd's 'Gypsy violin' plays over the families
introducing themselves.

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