[joe-frank-list] Clement von Franckenstein as remembered by his soldiers

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Mon Dec 21 08:06:02 PST 2020

	From the Facebook page of the Royal Scots Greys:

	David McCallum Yates: 'Clement Von Franckensteyn was my Troop
Leader in the Royal Scots Greys.in Fallingbostel in Germany, He was
quite a guy so you can believe his stories, he served the same time as
Sir Randolph Twickenham Fiends the Arctic Explorer and the Duke Of
Kent. I like Frankie very much and I believe the feeling was mutual,
Last I heard he had headed for the USA and Hollywood'

	Allan Bruce Sinclair: 'I remember Von Frankenstein when I
served 1969 Fallingbostel'

	David McCallum Yates: 'When he finally LEFT the Regiment in
Fallingbostel I received a message from our Squadron Leader Major
Anderson, telling me that Frankie had left me his Peerles Sports Car
the only problem being Frankie had wrote the car off on his way back
from Hamburg and it was worth FA and I had two days to get the wreak
off camp. I managed to sell the two seats to another Sgt and disposed
of the rest of the car. And I never got to thank him. Another
Frankie/Davey episode.'

	Tom Bolland: 'I did the Hamburg reeperbanh trip and awol got
7days nick'

	When I asked what Clement's punishment was:

	David McCallum Yates: 'His option was to resign and leave the

	When news that he was in a coma was posted:

	David McCallum Yates: 'He was and is a character and some and
a friend to me. He was so laid back and the Jocks in his troop loved

	John Ross: 'The B Squadron burbling baron was indeed a great

	Tam Currie: 'Remember him well Dave, was he the one that
modified his sports car and had a centurion exhaust fitted?'

	David McCallum Yates: 'He left me his sport car " a Peerless"
in Fally and our Sqn Ldr Jane Anderson was delighted to tell me it was
was a right off.and I had 24 hours to get it off site. Good old

	William Stevens: 'Iwill finish he got me and paddy smythe to
East Africa on 2 weeks leave I was his his batman for a while he was a
great officer'

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