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	Taxi driver (Tim Jerome?), driving his cab too fast, points
out the power plant; because it sells all its electricity they use
candles inside.
	2:00: Vorst (sp?) and Funk (sp?) menacingly interrogate Alex.
They want him to confess to setting off a bomb in the industrial
	12:00: Alex talks about missing something from his life.
	12:50: Someone talks about the futility of questions.
	14:30: Someone talks about alternating current of physicality
and spirituality creating tension.
	16:40: Guy makes waking-up noises.
	18:10: Guy with accent (Tim Jerome?) talks about interrogators
trying to get him to confess.
	19:30: Vorst and Funk interrogate Alex more, ask about his
sick mother, summer camp.
	25:30: Alex wonders what's important in life.  Another fellow
tells him there are 5 important things: a clean mind, a strong heart,
soap, almonds, and manganese.  Then that fellow lists things we have
to do before other things.
	28:50: A psychologist (a Black man?) talks to someone who,
police officers allege, threatened to kill his wife and children.  He
prays that he not do anything crazy (re-used in 'Predator')
	33:00: The taxi driver loves to drive a cab (from the sound
effects, at very high speed)
	34:20: Vorst tells about going horseback riding with a woman.
	35:50: Vorst tells about how talking in person, appearances
distract; on the phone, there are no distractions.
	36:30: Vorst tries to get Alex to confess, talks about how
great confession is, cites Galileo and Augustine.  Vorst tries to stop
Funk from getting violent.
	41:50: A woman talks about what she likes.  Another woman says
she's better off without a lover.
	45:10: Vorst tells Alex life is not a progression of events,
then talks nonsense for a few minutes.
	50:20: A guy tells about a dream in which he realized he had a
final exam for a course he had never attended.
	52: Music ('Six marimbas') and scat singing - 'dee-dee-dee' and
some nonsense syllables.

cast: Tim Jerome, Mark Hammer, Joseph Palmieri, Alan Hunter, Lester
Nafzger, Annalee Jefferies, F. Murray Abraham, Arthur Miller, Joe

music: 'Six Marimbas' (Steve Reich).  'The Sinking of the Titanic'
(Gavin Bryars), 'Flowered Knife Shadows' (Harold Budd)

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