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	Unnamed person (Clement von Franckenstein) tells the story of
his life: parents dying in plane crash when he was a boy, friends of
theirs raising him, attending Eton, service as an officer in the Royal
Scots Greys (through the services of a guardian's uncle), where he
acted badly, was disciplined, visited the working girls at the
Reeperbahn in Hamburg, 'bum actor' in Los Angeles (playing Henry 8 at
'1520 AD', a restaurant theatre), attending church (All Saints in
Beverly Hills), where he would read the lesson, orgies at his friend
Daud's (Daud Alani, owner of 1520 AD), his adventures with women.
	26: Some of the angry answering machine message Laura
Estermann leaves in 'Thank you, you're beautiful'.
	33: Joe tells us about the extreme decorations he's put on his
house this Christmas, its appreciators and protesters.  He carries a
cross, goes to the stations of the cross (Starbucks, 3rd street
promenade, Santa Monica Hospital...)
	37: Neighbor Pamela joins him in his Jacuzzi.  Her late
husband, an archer, attacked a passenger plane with his bows and
arrows from his Cessna, crashed.
	40: Joe spends Christmas in a bath, cuts himself enough to
turn the water pink, but not enough to kill himself, a 'virtual
	41: More of the angry answering machine message Laura
Estermann leaves in 'Thank you, you're beautiful'.
	48: Joe's at a party, drinking hot rum punch, sitting on a
sofa; a woman with a cast wants him to write on it. (originally in
'The road to hell'.)
	52: More of the angry answering machine message Laura
Estermann left in 'Thank you, you're beautiful'.

	I figured out who Clement was a couple of years ago, and 2 of
the others he mentioned.  You can find those messages in this list's


in case you missed them the first time.

	WBEZ and WNYC would air this episode on the Sunday before
Christmas every second or third year; I never heard it on the other
stations.  Thus I send this message on the Sunday before Christmas:
merry Joe Frank Christmas.

russell bell

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