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Tue Dec 15 07:39:35 PST 2020

	Joe announces what's coming on tonight's show: global leaders
rigged up as marionettes, the Red Army Chorus, Bruno of Vienna, Bog
Man (a 100,000 year old corpse preserved in a peat bog), the Yaco
(sp?) people of Guam who have bred with teak trees, thus becoming very

	3:40: Somebody tells about the Kapts, a people in ancient
Turkey who kidnapped others.  Because no one else lived there they
kidnapped inanimate objects, then each other.

	6:20: Joe tells about his favorite wrestler, Mr Capital, a
predatory capitalist who perpetrates all the common crimes of
Capitalists.  He bought all the organic farms on Long Island,
converting them to a theme park, Dreamland.  He has a sequence of
surreal experiences, including throwing a little girl who floats into

	18:20: Joe calls his bank's automated telephone service, finds
his balance is $1.62.

	19:30:  Joe talks about kidnapping.

	24:50: Joe tells of Dr Ostrowksy (sp?) and his wife.  He has a
sequence of surreal experiences, visits Dreamland, which has fallen
into disrepair.

	36:40: Joe tells of a punk band's recording session that ends
up with such a severe anthrax outbreak that authorities detonate a
small nuclear weapon, killing 200,000, to stop the spread of.

	45:20: People (3? including 1 woman) tell how much ransom was
paid for them when they were held hostage.

	52:00: Joe calls the White House switchboard, can't talk to
the president.

	53:00: Joe talks to a Yaco person: he's hard.

	54:20: Joe eats the sweetmeat recovered from Bog Man.

Cast: David Franks, William Reinert, Grace Zabriskie, Stanley, and Joe
Frank (according to 1 source)

or: Arthur Miller, Paul Mantell, Avery Hart, Lester Nafzger, and Joe
Frank (according to another)

	What do you think?

	Joe uses the music 'Rock hammer' (a cut from the score of
'Shawshank redemption') in 'Dreamland'; his character uses a rock
hammer in 'Escape from paradise'.

russell bell

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