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The discrepancy between casts is due to there being two shows with this

Was aired in  "The Other SIde" series and features David Franks - the
insane phone preacher and tarot card reader, and a homeless guy.

>From Work In Progress 1986 is the show Russell describes here.

When I heard Joe checking his bank balance back in the day I played with my
touch-tone phone and determined that his password was "true"

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>         Joe announces what's coming on tonight's show: global leaders
> rigged up as marionettes, the Red Army Chorus, Bruno of Vienna, Bog
> Man (a 100,000 year old corpse preserved in a peat bog), the Yaco
> (sp?) people of Guam who have bred with teak trees, thus becoming very
> hard...
>         3:40: Somebody tells about the Kapts, a people in ancient
> Turkey who kidnapped others.  Because no one else lived there they
> kidnapped inanimate objects, then each other.
>         6:20: Joe tells about his favorite wrestler, Mr Capital, a
> predatory capitalist who perpetrates all the common crimes of
> Capitalists.  He bought all the organic farms on Long Island,
> converting them to a theme park, Dreamland.  He has a sequence of
> surreal experiences, including throwing a little girl who floats into
> space.
>         18:20: Joe calls his bank's automated telephone service, finds
> his balance is $1.62.
>         19:30:  Joe talks about kidnapping.
>         24:50: Joe tells of Dr Ostrowksy (sp?) and his wife.  He has a
> sequence of surreal experiences, visits Dreamland, which has fallen
> into disrepair.
>         36:40: Joe tells of a punk band's recording session that ends
> up with such a severe anthrax outbreak that authorities detonate a
> small nuclear weapon, killing 200,000, to stop the spread of.
>         45:20: People (3? including 1 woman) tell how much ransom was
> paid for them when they were held hostage.
>         52:00: Joe calls the White House switchboard, can't talk to
> the president.
>         53:00: Joe talks to a Yaco person: he's hard.
>         54:20: Joe eats the sweetmeat recovered from Bog Man.
> Cast: David Franks, William Reinert, Grace Zabriskie, Stanley, and Joe
> Frank (according to 1 source)
> or: Arthur Miller, Paul Mantell, Avery Hart, Lester Nafzger, and Joe
> Frank (according to another)
>         What do you think?
>         Joe uses the music 'Rock hammer' (a cut from the score of
> 'Shawshank redemption') in 'Dreamland'; his character uses a rock
> hammer in 'Escape from paradise'.
> russell bell
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