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	After the first story 'Black light' is all re-used.

	Jean Paul (Tim Jerome) tells us what a great show he's putting
on: dancing, singing, telling stories and jokes.  Everybody thinks
he's great except 1 girl.  He talks to her after the show.  He tells
the story of his awful life: orphaned at 2, beaten at the orphanage,
running away at 7, terrible jobs, living on the street, eating out of
garbage cans.  She wants him to tell stories from his life in his act,
make it real.  She takes him to her place, they spend the night.  He
rejects her advice.
	10:40: Joe calls a counselor, Lorraine Wilson, looking for a
reason to live.  (originally in 'No show')
	14:30: Ruminations on darkness and light - Arthur Miller?
(originally in 'A tour of the city')
	16: A woman invites someone in, offers him/her a
drink. (originally in 'A tour of the city')
	17: 'Each of us has contemplated suicide...' (German accent -
Arthur Miller?) talks about suicide. (originally in 'A tour of the
	18:30: A fellow says, 'I feel as if something is missing from
my life...' to a therapist (?) who tries to help him.  (originally in
	21:30: 'Rockers to rockers' by Rockers Hi Fi - 'More and more
about less and less...'
	23:30: The suicide bridge (originally in 'A tour of the city')
	25:20: An address from the president. (originally in 'A tour
of the city')
	25:50: Surreal business meeting, with bogus words
('fluctuation ratio') and improbable inventory items (spleens and
other body parts).  (originally in 'Lies').
	28:20: Joe calls Patty to sing 'I remember you'.  (originally
in 'Let me not dream')
	31:10: Joe calls Alison to sing 'I remember you'.  (originally
in 'Let me not dream')
	34:20: 'Sometimes I sign out a chopper...' Horst looks at
girls sunbathing on the roof (originally in 'A tour of the city')
	35:10: Horst goes horseback-riding with a woman. (originally
in 'A tour of the city')
	35:50: Horst talks about how talking to someone in person
distracts. (originally in 'A tour of the city')
	36:50: Horst urges fellow to confess. (originally in 'A tour
of the city')
	40:40: Woman tells story of going to a party with her
boyfriend, subsequent relationships with men. (originally in 'The
truth about women' part 1)
	57:10: Joe calls Amy to sing 'I remember you'.  (originally in
'Let me not dream')

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