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Tue Dec 8 06:24:02 PST 2020

	The first 19 minutes is new, the rest re-used, except for 2
minutes at 22:40.  
	I never heard this episode on KPFA, WBEZ, WNYC, KDVS, WMNF, or
WESA, only on KGOU and WDRT.  I wonder if KCRW aired it.

	Joe tells us that he won't read from his journal, that,
despite popular demand, he didn't want to keep a journal.
	4:30: Joe plays a promo for the show in which a redneck, asked
by a friend what he intended to do on the upcoming weekend, says that
he intends to get drunk and beat up Terry (apparently his wife or
girlfriend).  The friend tells him he can beat up Terry anytime, that
he should come over to his place to listen to Joe Frank on the radio.
KCRW won't let him air the promo.  Joe calls others, including his
mother, to get their opinions.
	15:20 The redneck and Terry argue about whether the redneck
should wear a seatbelt.
	17:30: Joe gets angry at a fellow who has a license plate
border that claims he knows Jesus, imagines confronting him.
	19:20: Joe attends a play in which a friend performs.  He pays
so much attention to his performance as an audience member, imagining
his friend watches him from the wings, he doesn't to the play.  Then
he speculates that we're all performing.  (originally in 'Cocktails
before dinner') (I heard Richard Alpert recall a psychology textbook
he taught at Harvard, which opened with the statement that we are the
sum of the roles we play in society.  I told this to a friend, who
thought the statement obvious; he's now living in an abandoned truck
on abandoned land only used by criminals to dump dead bodies.)
	22:40: Joe ruminates on how one is the star of one's own life
but a bit player in the lives of others. (I'm sure I heard this
elsewhere, but I can't place it.)
	24:50: He compares human abilities with those of animals, that
we use tools to compensate.  (originally in 'Cocktails before dinner')
	29:50: When he was a boy, falling asleep, Joe tortured himself
with fantasies of making awful decisions. (originally in 'When she's
asleep she looks like an angel')
	32:00: Story of his job teaching at a private school in NYC,
including Kim and their unfortunate date.  (originally in 'The
	51:40: 'The Earth is 1 of 9 planets that revolve around the
sun...'  Joe describes the vastness of space.  (originally in
'Cocktails before dinner')
	53:30: A drunk harasses Joe's date.  (originally aired in
'When she's asleep, she looks like an angel')
	56:40: Joe observes how small things look from an airplane,
contrasts that perspective from how the city appears on the ground,
comments on the ephemerality of life.  (originally in 'He hesitated')

russell bell

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