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Joe discusses his teaching at a private school in Manhattan in several
episodes (including *Cocktails Before Dinner, Pretender, Higher Learning,
Journal*, and *Karma Don't Deny Me*). This was the Dalton School, and Joe
taught there at the same time as one Jeffrey Epstein.

I think it's very likely that the womanizing teacher Joe discusses in
Before Dinner *is Epstein. Either that or the Dalton school had multiple
sexual predators employed at that time...

Also: You can add *Karma Don't Deny Me *to the list of shows the track
Invernin is used in.


On Tue, Dec 8, 2020 at 9:24 AM <russellbell at gmail.com> wrote:

>         The first 19 minutes is new, the rest re-used, except for 2
> minutes at 22:40.
>         I never heard this episode on KPFA, WBEZ, WNYC, KDVS, WMNF, or
> WESA, only on KGOU and WDRT.  I wonder if KCRW aired it.
>         Joe tells us that he won't read from his journal, that,
> despite popular demand, he didn't want to keep a journal.
>         4:30: Joe plays a promo for the show in which a redneck, asked
> by a friend what he intended to do on the upcoming weekend, says that
> he intends to get drunk and beat up Terry (apparently his wife or
> girlfriend).  The friend tells him he can beat up Terry anytime, that
> he should come over to his place to listen to Joe Frank on the radio.
> KCRW won't let him air the promo.  Joe calls others, including his
> mother, to get their opinions.
>         15:20 The redneck and Terry argue about whether the redneck
> should wear a seatbelt.
>         17:30: Joe gets angry at a fellow who has a license plate
> border that claims he knows Jesus, imagines confronting him.
>         19:20: Joe attends a play in which a friend performs.  He pays
> so much attention to his performance as an audience member, imagining
> his friend watches him from the wings, he doesn't to the play.  Then
> he speculates that we're all performing.  (originally in 'Cocktails
> before dinner') (I heard Richard Alpert recall a psychology textbook
> he taught at Harvard, which opened with the statement that we are the
> sum of the roles we play in society.  I told this to a friend, who
> thought the statement obvious; he's now living in an abandoned truck
> on abandoned land only used by criminals to dump dead bodies.)
>         22:40: Joe ruminates on how one is the star of one's own life
> but a bit player in the lives of others. (I'm sure I heard this
> elsewhere, but I can't place it.)
>         24:50: He compares human abilities with those of animals, that
> we use tools to compensate.  (originally in 'Cocktails before dinner')
>         29:50: When he was a boy, falling asleep, Joe tortured himself
> with fantasies of making awful decisions. (originally in 'When she's
> asleep she looks like an angel')
>         32:00: Story of his job teaching at a private school in NYC,
> including Kim and their unfortunate date.  (originally in 'The
> Pretender')
>         51:40: 'The Earth is 1 of 9 planets that revolve around the
> sun...'  Joe describes the vastness of space.  (originally in
> 'Cocktails before dinner')
>         53:30: A drunk harasses Joe's date.  (originally aired in
> 'When she's asleep, she looks like an angel')
>         56:40: Joe observes how small things look from an airplane,
> contrasts that perspective from how the city appears on the ground,
> comments on the ephemerality of life.  (originally in 'He hesitated')
> russell bell
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