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	'Higher learning' is 100% re-used:

	Joe's mother tells the story of her marriage. (originally in
'God only knows')
	17:40: A beautiful woman invites Joe to a performance of a
play in which she has a role.  Concerned that she watches him, Joe is
self-conscious, puts so much effort into his role that he pays no
attention to the play.  He thinks about the roles we play, the
performances we put on, in life.  (originally in 'Cocktails before
	21:00: Humans compensate for their inferiority to animals with
tools (clothes, cars, makeup...) (originally in 'Cocktails before
	25:50: When he was a boy, falling asleep, Joe tortured himself
with fantasies of making awful decisions. (originally in 'When she's
asleep she looks like an angel')
	28:30: Joe tells of his job teaching at a private school in
NYC, including Kim and their unfortunate date.  (originally in 'The
	48:10: 'The Earth is 1 of 9 planets that revolve around the
sun...'  Joe describes the vastness of space.  (originally in
'Cocktails before dinner')
	49:30: Joe observes how small things look from an airplane,
contrasts that perspective with how the city appears at groune level,
comments on the ephemerality of life.  (originally in 'He hesitated')
	52:40: Joe's mother laments the poor health of her husband.
(originally in 'The road to Calvary'.)

russell bell

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