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	Born:   7 Dec 1910
	Died:   17 Jul 2008
	Last Residence: 90049 Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California, USA

	She naturalized 1945 November 19.
	She & Theodore traveled back from Europe in 1948, arriving on
the SS America from Le Havre on May 27.

Previous residences:

	Name:   Frederica P Frank
	Birth Date:     7 Dec 1910
	Address:        4666 Fountains Dr S, Lake Worth, FL, 33467-5064 (1993)

	Name:   Frederica Frank
	Birth Date:     7 Dec 1910
	Address:        130 Ocean Park Blvd Unit 531, Santa Monica, CA, 90405-3568

	130 Ocean Park!  I lived on Ocean Park, 2 miles further
inland.  I lived in Iowa when Joe lived in Iowa, in DC when he did, in
Santa Monica when he did.  My commute passed KCRW's studio on Pearl; I

	'A pact with god'/'A death in the family' are set at The

russell bell

PS: All of the records for Frederika Frank are different people.

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