[joe-frank-list] joe-frank-list Digest, Vol 95, Issue 4

LD majestic_cheese at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 5 12:22:48 PDT 2019

> Date: Thu, 5 Sep 2019 06:18:23 -0600
> From: russellbell at gmail.com
> Subject: [joe-frank-list] The naturalization document for Meyer
>    Langerman;    
> 7 in Hussakow, Poland, that he married Frederica on 1929 January 2 in
> Vienna, that she was born 1910 December 7 

Speaking of Joe’s mother, is she still alive? A google of frederika frank brings up two results, including a 110 year old in Michigan — presumably a zombie listing, but just possibly Joe’s mother based on the birth date above. 

On the other hand that birth date might be wrong, because I recall joe saying his mother was quite young when she married and had him. Maybe it should be 1920 instead of 1910? There’s a Frederika Frank in Sonoma CA who (again assuming she’s actually alive) is 99 years old. 

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