[joe-frank-list] joe-frank-list Digest, Vol 95, Issue 6

LD majestic_cheese at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 7 12:17:29 PDT 2019

On Sep 7, 2019, at 3:00 PM, joe-frank-list-request at armory.com wrote:
> Born:   7 Dec 1910
>    Died:   17 Jul 2008
>    Last Residence: 90049 Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California, USA

Thanks for that. At first blush this is going to sound terrible, but in a way I’m glad, at least if joe’s monologues about her are to be believed. 

She always seemed to be so smug about how her health was so much better than Joe’s and I couldn’t bear the thought of her visiting him as he lie dying. 

I recall the amazing show he did about the speaker’s mother dying but that seemed so heavily fictionalized I didn’t see any indication it was about his mother’s actual death.  

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