[joe-frank-list] The naturalization document for Meyer Langerman; Benzion Passweg

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Thu Sep 5 05:18:23 PDT 2019

	The naturalization document for Meyer Langerman says his
former name was Meier Leib Langermann, that he was born 1887 February
7 in Hussakow, Poland, that he married Frederica on 1929 January 2 in
Vienna, that she was born 1910 December 7 in Rymanow, Poland ('I had
just, just turned 18.')  They lived at 720 Fort Washington Avenue.  He
came from Montreal, entered at Rouses Point, NY on the D&H RR
(Delaware & Hudson Railroad, I think) on 1941 March 12.
	The document was recorded 1941 September 8.

	The arrival document for the 'Normandie' of 1939 January 28
lists Meier Langermann and, just after him, Benzion (likely Ben Zion)
Passweg (Passweg was Joe's mother's maiden name).  He's 32, 4 years
older than Friederike, the manager of a shoe factory (Meier's
business), last residing in Strasbourg (Joe's birth city), 'Hebrew'
for nationality (printed, not just hand-written over), speaks French,
German, and Yiddish, born in Hrody, Poland.  A brother of Joe's
mother?  A cousin?  A second cousin donated a kidney to Joe, possibly
a descendant of Ben Zion; a child of his mother's cousin would be a
second cousin.

russell bell

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