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	Meier Langermann arrived on the 'Bremen' for the first time
1938 October 23.  Note that in the nationality column, someone has
written 'Hebrew' over the typed 'Polish'.  He arrived again in 1939
(don't have the date; the picture of the page was unretrievable) on
the 'Normandie'.
	Fryderyka (the printed 'i' is written over with what appears
to be a 'y' between the 'r' and 'k') and Joseph Langermann (7 months
old) arrived on the 'Queen Mary' 1939 April 1.  Fryderyka's birth
place is Rymanow, Poland.  Their Hebrew-ness is similarly recorded.
	The 1940 census page for the family spells her name
'Frederilse'.  They pay $275/month rent (high!).  His occupation is
'Artist' and he works at some studio - it looks like 'Dior Studio' to
me.  He worked 20 hours the week of March 14-20.  Joe is 2; his
birthplace is 'New York' (=wrong).

	According to NYC's records, 'Meyer Langerman' died on 1943
October 8 in Manhattan; he was 56.  His father was Nachum Langerman,
his mother was Batscheva Laugonauer, his wife was Frederica Langerman.

	Frederica Langerman married Theodore Frank on 1945 April 28 in
Manhattan, license 9885.

	Note that Joe called his stepfather Freddy, as does the 'LA
Weekly' article 'Joe Frank is Off the Air':

	'his father, Meyer Langerman, dying when Joe was 5 years
old. Joe wasn't told about it until days later. Not wanting to upset
her son before major surgery - Frank was born with clubfeet - his
mother, Fritzi, told Joe that his father was away in Boston on
business. He didn't learn the truth until he got home. When Fritzi
remarried to Freddy Frank a year later'

and that 2 years elapsed between his father's death and his mother's

	I'll add the pictures to the Wikipedia page.

russell bell

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