[joe-frank-list] Is the list dead or am I justnotgetting themessages?

David Gutierrez joe-frank-list at amalon.com
Mon Sep 10 12:38:28 PDT 2007

So shall we coordinate this? Will it be via email or postal mail?
How many people on this list are in the NYC area? or better yet, how 
many people would be interested in attending an NYC show?


Bob Lee wrote:

> I see no reason that we  can't make it happen..
> If Joe knew there were enough reason to show up in Chicago and NY , 
> who knows he might consider it.   The Show in LA is a good starting 
> spot..    It couldn't hurt if everyone sent Joe a note telling him how 
> much you would enjoy seeing him live.
> Bob Lee
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>> Agree -- An NYC show would be great...  Surely he's got the audience 
>> here...
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>> Wow, that's cool! Did you speak to her?
>> I wish Joe would do a show in NYC, or even Chicago. I'd fly out to 
>> see him.
>> Dave
>> Bob Lee wrote:
>>> Did you go to the show. ?   I did, and was seated right next to *
>>> *Debi Mae West, which was a total surprise.
>>> Seeing Joe with the live band..  a real treat..
>>> Hopefully everyone knows there are two more shows added  so no reason
>>> not to go..
>>> Bob Lee
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