[joe-frank-list] Is the list dead or amI justnotgetting themessages?

Bob Lee bobl at 1amsoftware.com
Mon Sep 10 12:52:27 PDT 2007

Just as a thought  but here / this list is a good spot. to start.     Maybe 
you want to put a new post on http://frankophiles.com/   asking others for 
other areas of interest..     I would put it under Joe Frank Projects... .. 
if you want Ill start it..

A Bring joe to my city compaign  .. and ask people to comment.


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> So shall we coordinate this? Will it be via email or postal mail?
> How many people on this list are in the NYC area? or better yet, how many 
> people would be interested in attending an NYC show?
> Dave
> Bob Lee wrote:
>> I see no reason that we  can't make it happen..
>> If Joe knew there were enough reason to show up in Chicago and NY , who 
>> knows he might consider it.   The Show in LA is a good starting spot.. 
>> It couldn't hurt if everyone sent Joe a note telling him how much you 
>> would enjoy seeing him live.
>> Bob Lee
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>>> Agree -- An NYC show would be great...  Surely he's got the audience 
>>> here...
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>>> Wow, that's cool! Did you speak to her?
>>> I wish Joe would do a show in NYC, or even Chicago. I'd fly out to see 
>>> him.
>>> Dave
>>> Bob Lee wrote:
>>>> Did you go to the show. ?   I did, and was seated right next to *
>>>> *Debi Mae West, which was a total surprise.
>>>> Seeing Joe with the live band..  a real treat..
>>>> Hopefully everyone knows there are two more shows added  so no reason
>>>> not to go..
>>>> Bob Lee
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>>>>     I haven't seen anything for months..... maybe I'm not on the list
>>>>     any more or maybe my spam filter is eating them, though I checked
>>>>     and there aren't any joe list messages in there.....
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