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If you can be 68 or 69 and still be a member of the "hipoisie" (a word I
like and haven't heard before, btw), surely JF is a member of that group,
no?  At least as much as IG is?  Agree that IG's presentation is sometimes
annoying; also agree that TAL's appeal is more mainstream (as Shakespeare's
and Bach's and Picasso's and Lennon's and Dylan's are, among others); also
agree that we should move on.
So here's a question: I love JF's shows from his last three series.  I'm
less familiar with the earlier stuff, partly because when I try to get into
it, I can't as much.  Not sure why.  I'm especially interested in the
improvised/highly edited "radio plays"; can someone recommend their favorite
among those?  -- S.


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Well, let's not spend too much time bashing TAL.  I agree, there's a
hipper-than-thou condescending vibe that comes thru from some of the
contributors, but there is also some good stuff, even occasionally some REAL
GOOD stuff like the audio journal of the kid from Afghanistan. 
My own personal bias is that I really dislike any of the segments actually
narrated or told by Mr. Glass, his idea of what might be interesting to the
world at large shows more self fascination than I can tolerate.
I also agree that there is an "NPR blandness imprint" to TAL to a degree,
and the show doesn't push categorical boundaries like Joe Frank's shows
have, and so on. TAL is a story anthology, a decent one, told from the point
of the post-modern hipeoisie and isn't an experiment in nonobjective radio
the way Joe's work often is.
So, maybe let's leave discussion and / or bashing of TAL for other fora and
get back to Joe....

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