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Larry Dunn majestic_cheese at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 20 20:29:14 PST 2007

From: Levent <ghastly_fop at yahoo.com>

>There's this defensive kind of smugness at work in 
>TAL-- a kind of "I'm better than you" smugness 
>coupled with a "Don't hit me!" wimpiness.

Yeah, although I'm not so sure how defensive it is --
half the time it's these educated hipster coastal
types laughing at Middle Americans with some bizarre
twist in their lives.  They seek them out, so I think
I'd call it offensive smugness.

Plus there's what Lynda Barry said about ex-boyfriend
Ira Glass in "One Hundred Demons," which only
reinforces the image that he's this little princeling
of a Chosen Person snob who laughs at all the clueless
blue collar schmucks not privileged enough to have
been born him.

David Sedaris I have no such problems with.  He can be
savage, but in the end he's far more savage to himself
than to anyone else.  And he's extremely funny.  Oh,
and he gave us one of the greatest real-life
characters ever -- his mother.  Who would not love to
be friends with David Sedaris's mother?

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