[joe-frank-list] 92seconds

BURGUNDYROSE at prodigy.net BURGUNDYROSE at prodigy.net
Tue Jul 11 14:23:40 PDT 2006

So, I'm a girl, and I qualify a lot.

And my voice has nowhere near that absolute depth of Joe's, and
possibly you get sick of these "come listen to my thing that I
did" emails to the list. BUT really, I think it might be worth it
for you, or I would have continued to put this off. ;-)


Thing is, I've been producing these minute and a half monologues
sporatically for nine months and I figured it was time to give a
little wave your way, especially since the current episode
features a (fictional) Joe visitation.  In a maternity ward.  As
a palm reader. It's in stereo.  So really, it's like a minute and
a half out of your day. Two minutes including download time. 

Try it, you'll like it.

There are exactly 23 standing episodes, and five of them are
currently available (check the archive, the ones that have arrows
by them are the available ones.)  If it piques your interest, we
have a podcast available. I might start repeating oldies to fill
the weeks between if there's interest in that, but my goal is at
least 30 episodes before reruns become an option. If you like
what you hear, do let me know.  

Okay, ducking again out of view...
Every good thing,

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