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Will Irace spblat at gmail.com
Tue Jul 11 19:51:09 PDT 2006

Program 23, "Where you go from here," (which includes Joe Frank as a
character) was interesting and then quite startling. My compliments.

Program 14, "Night Below" is quite wonderful too, a touching treatment
of the endless infinity of space we momentarily occupy. I loved it.

Good stuff. Best wishes to you.


On 7/11/06, BURGUNDYROSE at prodigy.net <BURGUNDYROSE at prodigy.net> wrote:
> So, I'm a girl, and I qualify a lot.
> And my voice has nowhere near that absolute depth of Joe's, and
> possibly you get sick of these "come listen to my thing that I
> did" emails to the list. BUT really, I think it might be worth it
> for you, or I would have continued to put this off. ;-)
> http://www.anonymousblack.com/92seconds/
> Thing is, I've been producing these minute and a half monologues
> sporatically for nine months and I figured it was time to give a
> little wave your way, especially since the current episode
> features a (fictional) Joe visitation.  In a maternity ward.  As
> a palm reader. It's in stereo.  So really, it's like a minute and
> a half out of your day. Two minutes including download time.
> Try it, you'll like it.
> There are exactly 23 standing episodes, and five of them are
> currently available (check the archive, the ones that have arrows
> by them are the available ones.)  If it piques your interest, we
> have a podcast available. I might start repeating oldies to fill
> the weeks between if there's interest in that, but my goal is at
> least 30 episodes before reruns become an option. If you like
> what you hear, do let me know.
> Okay, ducking again out of view...
> Every good thing,
> judy
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