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Fri Apr 28 12:04:20 PDT 2006

> Though I've enjoy(ed) Joe on the radio with his
>  voice and ambient music in the
> background all these years, these  films have really
> opened the possibilities of
>  putting Joe's stories/thoughts on film.

Oh, I think they close  down many of the possibilities.
The story heard is the story interpreted in a  million
different ways, differently in each imagination --
differently  each time heard, even twice by the same
person.  The story seen and  heard becomes something
less open to interpretation.

Hi - I've been a reader of this site, but just subscribed.  I couldn't  agree 
more with the opinion that film would "close down" the  possibilities.  To 
me, Joe rides a wavelength into the mind that is  (thankfully) beyond any 
filmmaker's capacity to capture. Some things are  just meant to be experienced 
utterly personally:  For instance, I  feel that the journey we are invited to take 
by listening to music  is stopped cold by the four "walls" of a video on a tv 
screen.  I  shudder to imagine what a restriction someone else's vision of Joe 
Frank's  work would represent for me. I prefer to sit in the dark and let Joe 
lead  me to places I didn't know existed.  --Karen  
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