[joe-frank-list] Joe's voice/unique sound - answer found

David Gutierrez joe-frank-list at amalon.com
Thu Apr 13 21:53:18 PDT 2006

Regarding the recent topic on the list about how Joe achieved that 
unique sound with his voice: searching through the media on joefrank.com 
I came across the answer in the show description listed under "April :: 
May 2005 - Monthly Premium"

-- snip --

Synopsis: In March 2005, Joe was on air live with WFMU during their 
annual fund drive. The recording begins in progress just after WFMU 
aired a 10-minute excerpt from the program "Pilot :: The End."

Joe talks about actors he's worked with, music in his shows, and how he 
accidentally learned to alter his voice. He also gives a little advice 
for those interested in creating their own shows for radio.

We've edited the show to filter out some of the fund drive pitching, but 
the interview with Joe is complete.
-- snip --


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