[joe-frank-list] Joe Frank article in Index magazine

Tom McDonald awkwardgrace at yahoo.com
Tue May 10 18:45:45 PDT 2005

The current issue of Index magazine has a kind of
interview with Joe Frank, coupled with atmospheric
photos of the man. 

I found it a bit of a disappointment--I wanted to hear
his honest thoughts on different facets of his life
and work, but that's not you get. Many of his replies
are hilarious gems, but they are gems in keeping with
his more fanciful radio monologues. I take it this was
not a face to face interview but perhaps an emailed

Maybe since this was the first time I've read rather
than listened to Joe Frank, it struck me that he's
alot like Don DeLillo. Similar sense of paranoia, of
the absurd, of the new and fascinating methods we've
developed for alienating ourselves. The impeccable
rhythm, the mix of humor and sadness. Been a while
since I've read DeLillo intensely, but I dearly loved
"White Noise" or "Running Dogs," both from the middle
of career (early to mid-80s). 


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