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B T uhohjf at yahoo.com
Tue May 10 22:28:51 PDT 2005

Dear friends,
I just saw this on the site today.  

It's so difficult to be optimistic when we're all in the dark.  Perhaps Joe is
too. I hope he knows there're a lot of people out there thinking of him right

Perhaps he's thinking that this experience will be a compelling program one of
these days...  It reminds me of The Other Side series program where he
interviewed a gentleman about his heart condition and midway way through things
became intriguing as the thought that it _would_ be more compelling if only the
gentleman's story or condition was worse than it was appearing.  This could
indeed only be with Joe and his work-- frank honesty in every sense.  


Here's the number to send your thoughts again: 1-888-220-7523

===========from www.joefrank.com=============
May 10, 2005

Joe Frank wishes to thank all of you who have written him such caring and
compassionate emails and cards. It means a lot to him and he wishes he were in
a position to respond to each one.

As you know, Joe is ill. During this difficult time, we ask you for your

The Joe Frank Team

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