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Yeah the Kornfield things are too upbeat for a good Joe Show.... (just 
kidding)- As religions* go, Buddhism is cool, I guess; I'm a lapsed physicist 
myself.  Detachment is the key to release from suffering, I suppose. It can also be 
a release from everything grand and beautiful about being a human.

As a pessimist - a downright NEGATIVE S. O. B., depressed to boot- I am often 
SUSPICIOUS of anyone who seems to be SO DAMN POSITIVE - I either suspect they 
are out to swindle money out of the gullible lost or that they are too low on 
intellect to realize how F**CKED everything really is. So in that sense, this 
Kornfield thing spooks me.  Hinayana, Mahayana, Yo Mama- WHATEVER, I've 
learned not to trust people who smile too damn much.

"The only thing the preacher's got is the key to the shithouse door."
-----Wm. S. Burroughs

* yeah I know Buddhism is a philosophy and not a religion in the strict 
sense.... but Kornfield IS a preacher.
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