[joe-frank-list] Re: joe-frank-list Digest, Vol 23, Issue 2

Larry Dunn majestic_cheese at yahoo.com
Sun May 1 22:24:47 PDT 2005

From: LBlockD at aol.com

>I think  he's cool, but as arrogant as Wayne Dyer to
>suggest that his sense of things is available to 
>me just because he says so.  It's a kind of crypto-
>fascism,  dontcha think?  

No, because that's not what he says. He doesn't say
that his "sense of things" is "available" to you
"because he says so." 

And even if he did, that wouldn't necessarily be

Fascism, needless to say, does not encompass any
belief that some things are true.

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