[joe-frank-list] Kornfield, Kate, Larry

Will Irace spblat at gmail.com
Sun May 1 20:59:07 PDT 2005

I've been enjoying the extra volume the last few days. Have to put in
my few cents' worth:

On Kornfield: I find him soothing.  The turmoil we hear from Joe,
Larry and others during the Karma era is perfectly balanced by Jack's
teachings.  I recently became interested in Buddhism and find its
concepts tremendously appealing.  I don't think Joe (yes, I think of
him as "Joe," and the card I mailed addressed him as such.
Inappropriate?) takes issue with Jack or finds his lectures to be
anything other than inspiring.  If we could find the peace Jack is
trying to lead us to, we'd be better off, right?  Conflict, irony, and
seemingly incompatible concepts: this is what sucked me in during the
Somewhere Out There days, and discovering the Karma series just last
year only deepened my gratitude that the world has produced Joe Frank.

Larry: I am very glad you are here.  You have written that you're not
a frequent participant in these sorts of online exchanges.  I'm here
to tell you that this is a relatively subdued and respectful (if very
odd) little corner of the internet. Stick around, we need you!

On Kate: wow. Catherine Zeta-Jones? Wouldn't that be something! We'll
probably never know, but that doesn't keep me from wanting to.



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