[joe-frank-list] Jack Kornfield

Justin Kempton justin at kempton.com
Sun May 1 20:01:57 PDT 2005

To all,

I can't help but enter a few soothing words of my own about Jack 
Kornfield and Joe Franks inclusion of him. Since I was a not initiated 
into Joe Frank until after Karma became a regular topic spoken in that 
tiny sincere, and slightly comical Kornfield way, I have fresh insight 
for you older timers. It works.

To some extent everyone on the show is a 'Buddha' in various masks. Joe 
brings democracy into the kingdom of heavenly airwaves, giving license 
to all voices concerned to be heard in marked time. As an artist Joe 
Frank creates a marvelous patterned tapestry of voices, with a message 
that pushes beyond some simple moral into more like a feeling or vibe. 
Whenever I listen to these programs, that vibe brings me closer to a 
true sense of spirituality than any preacher or gurus ever has. Art is 
the mystery, the holy of holy, the void, the great unknown. In my 
opinion, Joe brings that through brilliantly, and Kornfield is yet 
another pattern at his disposal.

Further, as one who 'got into' Kornfield through Joe Frank, I can 
confess that Joe Frank's versions are much more mainstream entertaining, 
though perhaps not as informative in the 4 noble truths or 8 fold path. 
Afterall, Kornfield is a buddhist, and his contribution is to bring a 
western understanding to an eastern religion. More and more Buddhism and 
new age spirituality are becoming the religion of the west (especially 
California). Kornfield is doing his part, and Joe Frank, intentionally 
or not, did his part too in expanding this movement of ideas.

That's all I have to say. Thanks for the stimulating dialog, keep it up!

- Justin

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