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craig millman creigeallan at yahoo.com
Sun May 1 16:10:16 PDT 2005

Kornfield is definitely a cut above standard self-help
fare. I don't think Joe Frank would have included a
run of the mill, pedantic spiritualist on his show.

He's a PhD, a clinical therapist and a graduate of
Dartmouth College. His lectures resonate with an
honesty and a lack of artifice few can match. He's the
real deal.

--- Tom McDonald <awkwardgrace at yahoo.com> wrote:
> The topic of Kornfield is interesting. 
> The person who mentioned him on the Kate thread said
> the Kornfield segments are boring compared to the
> other parts of the JF tapestry. I might have agreed
> with this the first few times I heard them. 
> But after a while I began to really dig the contrast
> between Kornfield's voice and philosophy, and the
> rest
> of the episodes. Then came appreciation of the
> musicality of his voice (it felt too new-agey soft
> and
> sing-songy at first blush). Then came the
> realization
> that Kornfield has some extremely worthwhile
> insights
> and notions. I'd wager JF's motive is not to hold up
> Kornfield to scorn or laughter, but to enrich the
> tapestry, to change the pace, to set up a tension
> that
> can resolve pretty pleasantly the more the voice of
> Kornfield sinks into the listen. 
> Let me put it this way, if Kornfield had his own NPR
> show I probably would have turned the dial everytime
> it came it--I'd have written it off as dippy
> self-helpage. It took JF, so cynical and dark and
> ironic and suffering, to present Kornfield in a way
> that made me see the worth of it. 
> Ironically it appears I've spend more money on
> Kornfield's audio books than on JF material! (Well,
> that's only because it seems painfully easy to me to
> download a Kornfield book from the Apple music store
> or Audible.com--I REALLY wish JF shows were
> available
> for purchase via those venues.)
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