[joe-frank-list] recording techniques/legal issues, etc

Harold Johnson harold.johnson at gmail.com
Tue Jun 28 18:58:15 PDT 2005

On 6/24/05, Justin Kempton <justin at kempton.com> wrote:

> Once the audio has been digitized, and resides on your computer, you
> need a multi-track audio editing program to do something Frank Esq.
> There are two programs I recommend. Acid 4.0, and CoolEdit2.0 or later.
> CoolEdit recently was purchased by Adobe. It's original program is
> brilliant, the new version by Adobe has nothing new about it besides the
> logos. Acid is owned by SonicFoundry, and has many different versions of
> Acid. Acid is cool for making layers of beats, (perfect for background
> theme creation).Both of these are great, and I lean toward CoolEdit for
> ease, and Acid for effects. Both can give you realtime effects
> processing, including reverb, and distortion.

If you're in a lower tax-bracket, I'd recommend using open source
tools like Audacity, which are free.  Audacity is a wonderful
cross-platform audio editing application - in other words, it works on
Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems.  So if you have a dusty old
PC with an early Pentium processor on it or something, you can slap
Linux on it for free, Audacity for free, and go to work.  I don't
believe Audacity is as robust as CoolEdit or Acid software, but it
does the job fine.

Harold J. Johnson

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