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Fri Jun 24 21:00:19 PDT 2005

The This American Life guys made a little comic book
you should get from their website for like five bucks.
It serves as a short overview/guide to producing these
kinds of audio programs...tips on the technical stuff
as well as storytelling technique. The equipment and
software is so cheap nowadays but editing can
obviously get pretty tedious.

--- David Smith <gofishorfigure at hotmail.com> wrote:

> I second that notion. I have thought a lot about
> recording people/friends gathered around telling
> each other stories, or just having good
> conversations in general (hours and hours, over
> days, weeks, months, years, or whatever) and then
> editing them (the best parts) to cool music. Not
> quite like a DJ using small samples to make a song,
> and not as elaborate as Joe's cast of actors
> improvising, but somewhere in-between. Oh, and a
> little more random, abstract, and less formulaic
> than "This American Life". Maybe there is something
> there, maybe not. I must admit that is one part of
> the reason I started "The Los Angeles Joe Frank
> Collective" as perhaps a vehicle to that end. No
> hidden mics (btw)! Who knows. Any other ideas out
> there amongst our fellow frankophilian listites.
> David Smith
> http://joefrank.meetup.com/
>   I, for one, am very interested in the process and
> making my own radio-ready broadcast.
>   Darwin
>   On Jun 24, 2005, at 3:32 PM, El Presidente, Erik
> Estrada wrote:
>     i was wondering if anyone had an interest in
> making their own radio-ready broadcasts and have
> ideas about the process.  such as:
>     - writing for radio (i.e. dialogue, monologue,
> plays, narrative, etc.)
>     - techniques (i.e. mixer settings, effects, mic
> placement, recording your voice, how to speak in a
> radio-friendly manner, etc.)
>     - how to get from an idea to the end product
>     i remember reading a joe frank interview where
> he was talking about the distinctive sound of his
> voice on his later broadcasts.  apparently it was
> somewhat accidental and was created by playing back
> the tape after using a certain kind of noise
> reduction.  i forget the details.  anyway, thought
> some of you might be interested in a thread of this
> nature.
>     Derrick Estrada
>     for president
>     estrada9 at gmail.com
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