[joe-frank-list] recording techniques/legal issues, etc

Matthew Shepherd matthewshepherd at hotmail.com
Sat Jun 25 03:45:50 PDT 2005

"Oh, by the way, digital recording is the way to go <br>&gt;on all of this. 
Editing is a breeze once you get the files into a <br>&gt;computer, which 
brings me to the problem. Because of some major <br>&gt;lawsuit so many 
years ago, Mini-disc recorders lack the technology <br>&gt;to transfer files 
recorded over the mic to the computer directly as <br>&gt;files. Instead, 
the audio must be transfered using optical wires, <br>&gt;and this process 
happens in real-time."

Solved in the newest generation of MD recorders, thank God. Hi-MD lets you 
upload to the computer through USB, and there are programs like the Hi-MD 
Renderer that turn the proprietary sound files into standard WAVs and MP3s.

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