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I'm with you.  A bit of cursory googling reveals that
Joe Minion really is just a middling screenwriter (and
current film instructor?)  I just find it breathtaking
that the "After Hours" experience didn't find him
permanently blacklisted in the film industry.
It's just too bad (and good for Minion, I guess) that
more people don't know about it.  What a weasel.  

--- Peisithanatos at aol.com wrote:

> Joseph Minion is not Joe Frank....
> Just as Catherine Zeta Jones is not Kate....
> Our imaginations are simply overactive, that's all;
> we discover a perplexing 
> enigma of sorts, and our brains scramble to
> rationalize it in some seemingly 
> logical way (which, 9 times out of 10, leads us to
> concocting all sorts of 
> ridiculous scenarios).  We need to let go of that
> compulsion and enjoy works of 
> art for what they are without scrambling so
> desperately to rationalize/solve 
> ever little detail/puzzle surrounding them. 
> Scholars are still debating over who 
> wrote the works of Shakespeare (Edward De Vere? 
> Francis Bacon? Christopher 
> Marlowe?  Mary Sidney Herbert?  A combination of the
> four???), whether F'Ugly 
> Th3 Klown is, in fact Andy Kaufman (who faked his
> death, don't you know?) or a 
> collection of other comedians & hotshot hollywood
> actors working in cahoots, 
> whether Thomas Pynchon is actually Wanda Tinasky who
> is actually J.D. Salinger 
> who was, actually, a former CIA agent before he
> passed away & was replaced by 
> a new literary figure (J.D. Salinger Deux)
> enshrouded with mystery, etc....  
> All I'm saying is, you can speculate & debate & rack
> your brains & ponder 
> away about all of these things 'till the cows come
> home... but there many ways in 
> which you could idle away your time far more
> productively.
> In my mind, Joe (Frank, that is!) has already
> explained this whole situation 
> in great detail, and, until he steps forward to
> change his tune, I have no 
> reason to doubt that everything he said about this
> entire ordeal is pure truth.  
> This is Joe Frank we're talking about here.  As much
> as people like to play 
> up the surreal/absurd aspects of the man's canon,
> his work is also 
> unflinchingly truthful & autobiographical.
> A few more things to consider: 1.) Joe Frank is
> nearly 20 years older than 
> Joseph Minion (according to the IMDB, which lists
> Minion's birthyear as 1957).  
> Of course, I'm sure some of you will come forth to
> say, "No!  When Joe Frank 
> devised the alter-ego of "Joseph Minion" he also
> concoted a fake birth 
> certificate & birth-year, so as to fool even the
> most clever of curious cats!" (if you 
> wanna believe that, more power to ya!). 2.) Usually
> people use a pseudonym if 
> either they're not proud of a particular work or
> simply don't want it to be 
> associated with their real name.  Joe (Frank!),
> however, has not only proudly 
> used the material that Minion lifted to write "After
> Hours" -- in his original 
> program, "Lies" -- but has also called Minion out on
> his literary theft (not 
> by name, of course) & discussed the entire situation
> in "No Show" (which I 
> still have, on cassette, in its entirety).
> But I guess the debate shall continue to bubble on
> until somebody (Joe Frank 
> Team?  Larry Block [whose appearance in this film is
> really what's been 
> fuelling the notion that Joseph Minion might, in
> fact, be Joe Frank]?) steps forward 
> to shed more light on this issue.....
>          Hegesias
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