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Sun Jul 31 16:15:46 PDT 2005

Joseph Minion is not Joe Frank....

Just as Catherine Zeta Jones is not Kate....

Our imaginations are simply overactive, that's all; we discover a perplexing 
enigma of sorts, and our brains scramble to rationalize it in some seemingly 
logical way (which, 9 times out of 10, leads us to concocting all sorts of 
ridiculous scenarios).  We need to let go of that compulsion and enjoy works of 
art for what they are without scrambling so desperately to rationalize/solve 
ever little detail/puzzle surrounding them.  Scholars are still debating over who 
wrote the works of Shakespeare (Edward De Vere?  Francis Bacon? Christopher 
Marlowe?  Mary Sidney Herbert?  A combination of the four???), whether F'Ugly 
Th3 Klown is, in fact Andy Kaufman (who faked his death, don't you know?) or a 
collection of other comedians & hotshot hollywood actors working in cahoots, 
whether Thomas Pynchon is actually Wanda Tinasky who is actually J.D. Salinger 
who was, actually, a former CIA agent before he passed away & was replaced by 
a new literary figure (J.D. Salinger Deux) enshrouded with mystery, etc....  

All I'm saying is, you can speculate & debate & rack your brains & ponder 
away about all of these things 'till the cows come home... but there many ways in 
which you could idle away your time far more productively.

In my mind, Joe (Frank, that is!) has already explained this whole situation 
in great detail, and, until he steps forward to change his tune, I have no 
reason to doubt that everything he said about this entire ordeal is pure truth.  

This is Joe Frank we're talking about here.  As much as people like to play 
up the surreal/absurd aspects of the man's canon, his work is also 
unflinchingly truthful & autobiographical.

A few more things to consider: 1.) Joe Frank is nearly 20 years older than 
Joseph Minion (according to the IMDB, which lists Minion's birthyear as 1957).  
Of course, I'm sure some of you will come forth to say, "No!  When Joe Frank 
devised the alter-ego of "Joseph Minion" he also concoted a fake birth 
certificate & birth-year, so as to fool even the most clever of curious cats!" (if you 
wanna believe that, more power to ya!). 2.) Usually people use a pseudonym if 
either they're not proud of a particular work or simply don't want it to be 
associated with their real name.  Joe (Frank!), however, has not only proudly 
used the material that Minion lifted to write "After Hours" -- in his original 
program, "Lies" -- but has also called Minion out on his literary theft (not 
by name, of course) & discussed the entire situation in "No Show" (which I 
still have, on cassette, in its entirety).

But I guess the debate shall continue to bubble on until somebody (Joe Frank 
Team?  Larry Block [whose appearance in this film is really what's been 
fuelling the notion that Joseph Minion might, in fact, be Joe Frank]?) steps forward 
to shed more light on this issue.....
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