[joe-frank-list] After Hours

Larry Dunn majestic_cheese at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 31 18:34:28 PDT 2005

From: Harold Johnson <harold.johnson at gmail.com>

> Yes,  but perhaps that's nonsense - perhaps he never
> actually sued
> anyone.  Perhaps it was simply a narrative, part of
> Joe's insatiable
> desire to reveal his alter ego, a screenwriter whose
> name is derived
> from both the Judaist sense of "minion" and the more
> commonly-known
> sense of the term...

Joseph Minion has written *five* films, and *directed*
two others.  

I put it to you that it's just a bit of a stretch to
believe that Joe Frank has played word games with an
ongoing Hollywood career for "Judaist" purposes,
n'est-ce pas?  And to add to the drama, somehow
concocted a law suit as some sort of performance art.

Isn't it also a bit of a stretch to think that in LA
-- where Joe Frank had a renowned radio show, and
Joseph Minion writes and directs -- it wouldn't be
widely known that JF is working in Hollywood,
flamboyantly masquerading as "Joseph Minion?"

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